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Enterprise & Supplier Development

The programme is built to match SMEs with professionals and entrepreneurs with the appropriate skills & experience to serve as Advisory Board members in their business.

The mentorship programme is built to allocate one mentor to a business who will work on the business with the business owner for the specified time.

The impact of all our programmes is monitored and evaluated on the internally developed online IAAE Impact Barometer. Various cohorts are monitored on the barometer and clients get up-to-date, real-time data on SME progress and impact. 

Our funding application screening process ensures that we carefully evaluate each submission to identify the most promising projects. With a meticulous approach, we aim to support innovative ideas and ventures that have the potential to make a significant impact.

Our MasterClass services are meticulously curated to provide entrepreneurs with exclusive access to top-notch expertise from successful industry leaders. Through our comprehensive courses, you'll gain invaluable insights, strategies, and practical knowledge, enabling you to overcome challenges, scale your business, and achieve sustainable success.


The summit consists of educational and skills development, and business leadership content delivered by experts and experienced entrepreneurs, to impart business management and leadership skills that entrepreneurs can immediately implement in their businesses.

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